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One of my favorite sayings is,

All of us around the globe stand in front of faucets, in front of a buckets, or pots as we gather water daily; Some of us in the First World nearly unconsciously, or ungratefully turn on the tap. We bring water to the table, the wash-bucket, the bathtub... all of us around the globe stand in awe of water, as it gurgles down the rainspout after a rain, as we sip and delight at its coolness and refreshment. We stand with white snow flakes careening onto skin, during blizzards here in the North, or in the Southern hemisphere, are pelted with raindrops waiting for buses, trains, cabs, donkeys or just while walking. This is heaven-sent Water; the snow like an angelic presence, hovering, ballet-like, pirouetting in the air. This elixir of our Life, Water, falling from the clouds, then shimmering as a prismatic flare of color when sunlight becomes a Rainbow!

WATER is the most sacred element of ALL life on Big Blue.
So Ocean Project is this simple:
1) Dedicate a moment each day to show reverence to Water, think how each drop flows back to the Oceans. Acts of respect for water will reflect back in every drop you drink and bathe in.

Check out Dr. Masaru Emoto of Japan, who is conducting the most fascinating experiments with water: http://www.emotoproject.org/ 
Dr. Emoto is gathering waters from sacred wells in England, the holy Marian shrines of Lourdes and Fatima... the waters collected form beautiful shapes when frozen as ice-crystals that evoke serenity and bliss. I invite you to be enlightened at how Water, this Primal Elixir, holds great promise for ALL LIFE as it takes our Dreams, Prayers for Peace, JOY, and Wholeness, and is able to collect our Hope for this new century. Drink up! Dr. Emoto suggests praying into water to bring tranquility.

2) Next: 
Take a GLASS BOTTLE, and stand at your favorite Ocean, lake, river, or watery shore.Send forth a message rolled inside this bottle, with a Dream, Prayer for Humanity, perhaps a piece of ART. Seal the neck with a cork and sealing wax, and share your name and e-mail address with whoever should finds it... See where your Dream lands.

Oceans are Where We are Renewed.

More Ocean Project this Spring 2012. Email Me