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Inspired by travel, architectural embellishments, and my daily observations of Nature and wild spaces, I create poetic watercolor paintings. First beginning with blank white Italian paper, with its rough pebbled finish, I then render a lavish drawing, followed by crisp lines drawn with a Rapidograph continuous-flow waterproof black ink pen. The final and most exuberant step is the laying down of pools of wet pigment, which after dried, takes on the look of liquid puddles of color.

When traveling, I bring my art-kit in my backpack, and have captured the wild rainforests of Northern Wisconsin, far-flung rocky coastline of Jamaica, New Orleans’ bayous, Amsterdam gingerbread houses lining canals, Paris night scenes on the Seine, loads of Milwaukee cityscapes, and many special commissions: whether to immortalize a new boat, a special event like a wedding, graceful calligraphy of one’s wedding vows, a first trip to Europe, an overgrown garden…

My past occupation as the Luxury Crystal Buyer at George Watts & Son’s retail emporium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, brought me up close and personal with artisans honoring centuries-old traditions of carving and blowing glass, adding gold edging to the lip of a goblet, taking a diamond-wheel engraver’s tool to a bowl or a sculptural form. These handicrafts are what continue to thrill me, and anytime I step into my attic studio overlooking a green Maple tree, I know anything can happen: mostly pure unbridled magic.

Enjoy the paintings, all of which I scan digitally. They have been made into cards, prints, canvas wraps for the wall, even large scale banners for the 2011 National Stationary Show in New York City, or the Wine and Dine Foodie Festivals here in my hometown.

I welcome commissions, and invite you to e-mail me or contact me through a conversation in my Etsy shop at chrisannerobertson. I continue to contribute to the Autumn AIDS auction benefit at Taylor’s on Cathedral Square in downtown Milwaukee, and donate a percentage of my artistic proceeds to the worthy causes of Ocean conservancy, Amazonian rainforest protection, and others. You will find my cards and gifts in Hawaii on the island of Kauai, at Under a Hula Moon, in Northern Wisconsin at Ann Marie’s in Minocqua, at the famed family-owned Armbruster’s Jewelers in Cedarburg, Wisconsin on Washington Street in Milwaukee at Beans & Barley on North Avenue on the East Side, Urban Milwaukee on Milwaukee Street, Mod Gen in the Third Ward, Glorioso’s and Greenfield’s on Brady Street, and in my own neighborhood at the Riverwest Co-op on Clarke Street.

Thanks for your support of my art! Let’s all do our part to passionately give something of our soul to this beautiful blue planet spinning in space…thanks for bringing your own bag to the grocery store, skipping a plastic straw at the cocktail hour, riding your bike to work, strolling through a forest, spending time in solitude and reading the poetry of Wendell Berry, and the brilliant words of Robin Wall Kimmerer in her tome Braiding Sweetgrass...